BauMotor is a single source “One-Touch” robotic solutions provider

We help companies effectively plan, budget and provide solutions for the construction industry providing them with cutting edge mobile robotic technology solutions (software and hardware).
Robots can be integrated and used in many areas of a construction site. If the integration is not done correctly, this can lead not only to damages but also to additional costs.

Our team of best-in-class consultants, software developers, supervisors, and project managers not only have the expertise to do this competently on the construction site, but we also have global relationships with some of the industry's leading robot manufacturers as well as the appropriate software companies to make this happen.
Our current robot solutions for construction sites
Designed to work side-by-side with their human colleagues, our self-driving robots can autonomously detect obstacles, avoid them, work in confined spaces and carry loads of up to 300 kg.
Damage Recognition
Autonomously navigating robots with high-resolution cameras scan everything on the construction site and register defects and damage. With the help of machine learning, defects are quickly detected, documented and a report including a photo is stored in the BIM.
Progress Monitoring
Its high definition camera scans the objects and produces a report comparing the objects and surfaces against the BIM plan time scheduling and can then determin whether or not the project is behind or ahead of schedule
Survey Marking
Robots are able to mark out floor plans, footings, set-out ground works, map contours, survey lots, and tag lot boundaries. Disrupting a 5000 year old method of using string and chalk lining, bringing construction into the 21st century using global navigation and digital technologies.
Security and Observation
Robots for on-site safety monitoring and controlling the construction site to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the site and machines and tools remain safe. They can also detect gas leaks and water damage, among other things additionally, the robot can be used for structural integrity monitoring.
Our primary focus is on a pay as you go model depending on your length and type of project.

Different projects will require different robot functionalities, and so by offering a pay as your go model it allows your project to have the right type of robot scheduling and fucntionality to meet your project´s needs without huge investment.

That said where companies are interested in purchasing or leasing robots, we can also enable this and would be happy to discuss your company´s requirements.
Is your company ready to embrace the future?
Drop up us a line, and we can discuss how we can help you with your construction site robotic requirements.
What are the advantages of partnering with BauMotor?
There is a lot to consider when looking to integrate robots onto construction sites and with your teams.

The BauMotor project team with work with your company side-by-side to ensure we help you select the right types of robots for your project and have them scheduled according to your workflow from start to successful completion.

We will ensure the robots are fully functioning on site with R2R (Robot2Robot) and R2H (Robot2Human) communication, can ride the elevators where relevant, and provide the data in the format you require – either with BIM or non BIM projects.

Additionally we will train the relevant staff for you.

We really offer a one touch solution …
All you will have to do is bring your project in on time and under budget

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