Rebar-Tying solution for construction sites

Rebar-Tying solution for construction sites
Everyday challenges faced on construction sites
Tying of standardized positioned rebars in a bent position is back-breaking and repetitive work.
Robots free workers from routine tasks and enable workers to perform more complex tasks.
The tying of standardized positioned rebars on construction sites accounts for up to 50% of all rebar tying carried out.
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Robotic solutions for rebar tying on the construction site
Rebar Tying
Rebar Tying process of ceilings on construction sites, can be taken over by autonomous mobile robots (AMR´s). Individual AMR´s or a fleet of them can tie rebars with a higher efficiency compared with manual workers.
The work done can be digitally analysed
Mounting a GoPro6 on top of the robot allows you also to provide a documentation of the quality of work done. However, it can also be used to scan an area done by humans to crossing that were missed tying.
A COBOT does not take jobs away. It makes their lifes easier. At the end of the day, with more area covered, the workers still have enough energy to have a good work-life-balance and a higher level of work protection.
TOMOROBO(c) offers enormous potential on-site
TOMOROBO(c) is able to be up to 200% more productive within 11 hrs.
Less staff injuries as TOMOROBO(c) does the "painful" tasks.
The tasks completed can be logged and documented.
The workers are free for other important work processes.
The BauMotor project team work with your company side-by-side to ensure we help you select the right types of robots for your project and schedule the robots according to your workflow from start to successful completion of your project.
We manage robot portfolios.

Robots can either be purchased outright, or they can be rented for the duration of your project requirements.

Leasing options also available.
TOMOROBO(c) is a good solution for your big projects
Stay informed
We are constantly talking with robot manufacturers and adding new capabilities and functionalities to our range