Customized solutions
Baumotor applies its knowledge of construction and robotics solutions to individually optimize the performance of each individual project and daily work on construction site.
The potential for optimizing work on the construction site
The daily work in construction is various. Starting with simple unskilled jobs up to demanding engineering tasks, there is a lot to do on the construction site.

Many of these jobs have automation potential that can be exploited to increase project efficiency.
Advantages of using robotics solutions in construction
Robots can be reliably planned and deployed, the risk of failure is low
By deploying multiple robots, performance can be increased
As long as their batteries are full, robots can work continuously, even at night.
Robotics autonomy & independence
Autonomous mobile robots can move independently around the job site, avoiding obstacles and independently performing their assigned work.
Developing an autonomous mobile robot makes sense in certain cases according to some of the following criteria:
The work is performed regularly sequential
The place of work changes constantly
The motion sequence is largely the same
The requirements for work safety are high
Who should think about robot solutions?
Building owners
General contractors
Project developers
Construction service providers
What does BauMotor do
We help to concretize and describe ideas and wishes, search and find the right project partners, either from our partner network or from the market. Together with user and manufacturer we build a prototype and test it under real conditions. After successful development, we implement the solution on site and train the users in its operation.
We help with
Formulation of requirements and wishes
Elaboration of concepts
Accompanying the development of a prototype
Testing under real conditions
Implementation on the construction site
Over time, additional functions / task areas can be developed on your request.
The construction sector is of high interest for many robot manufacturers and software developers, the market is still very young. And the demand for innovative solutions is high.
We help you to develop a concept from your ideas, requirements and wishes.
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