Site monitoring

Site inspections can be very time consuming and monotonous, and can tie up a number of valued employees. These inspections can be fully automated with our robotic solutions.
Robotics autonomy & independence
Automatic data transfer
With our autonomous mobile robot solution, they can navigate the construction site, climb stairs to monitor different floors, and collect and document the information required to be monitored and checked.
Our cloud operating software enables the right type of data to be captured and formatted in a style that suits the customer´s needs.
  • Photo documentation
  • Cloud point measurements with scanners
  • Recording temperature values

Depending on the area of application and site conditions, different robots should be considered.
Application examples for autonomous site monitoring
What distinguishes our AMR solutions:
Interfaces to documentation software
Integration of measuring devices
Autonomous route planning
Avoidance of obstacles
Cross-floor navigation
Our current robot solutions for sites monitoring
With the help of 360° Lidar scanners, our robots can collect data while autonomously navigating the construction site. This can then be used for further processing, e.g. to create a digital measurement or generate a 3D model. The possibilities are numerous. A 3D scan can be done once at the desired time, or multiple times at certain intervals, for example to map spatial changes over time.

This can be done with one of our robots and 3D Scanner on site:
  • Create accurate 3D models
  • Inventory as a reference for future work
  • Inspection, detection of anomalies or damage to building or plant
  • Planning and design
  • Monitoring
The detection of damage or defects such as crack in building structures is part of everyday life on construction sites (take many phases out please).Robots can autonomously navigate construction sites and check structures for cracks or other damage. The cracks and defects can then automatically register, recorded and catagorized for further evaluation.Thios laborious and repetitive work no longer has to tie up your valued employees, and can be done by robots.

When to use defect detection:
  • Acceptance
  • Quality assurance
  • Preparation of construction measures
  • Condition assessment
Documentation work with photos is a frequent occurrence on every construction site. Whether for the acceptance of individual crafts, the proof of work performed or to ensure quality. This also includes the description, the photography and the subsequent filing in the correct folder structure for archiving. Robots can automate photo documentation on construction sites with the help of autonomous navigation and high-resolution cameras. Tedious site tours and manual photography are now a thing of the past.

Photo documentation is used for this purpose:
  • Progress documentation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Guarantee
  • Safety
Our robot’s portfolio for monitoring
Leo Rover
indoor/outdoor robot
Leo Rover is a small 4-wheeled robotic platform that can carry out tasks such as site monitoring, measurements and inspections of tight or hazardous areas.
Panther is a larger wheeled robotic platform that can operate in both indoors and outdoors. Its IP64 protection rating, 100 kg carrying capacity and off-road wheels make it a reliable option also for rough conditions.
come soon
Deep Robotics
Quadruple Robot
Sampo / Antero
Boston dynamics
We are constantly talking with other robot manufacturers and soon we will introduce new robots.
Deep Robotics is a manufacturer of various quadruped robotic platforms. These agile robots can autonomously work with site monitoring or inspections of tight or hazardous areas.
Robauta’s Sampo and Antero are two autonomous logistics robots that can navigate independently around construction sites. With the advanced movement of their mecanum wheels they can also work in tight areas.
come soon
come soon
come soon
Spot is a quadruped platform from Boston Dynamics that can operate either manually or fully autonomously. Its four legs give it the agile movement and ability to go over obstacles and through staircases.
Our robot’s portfolio for monitoring
Talk to us about your onsite robotic functionality needs, and we will find the right robot solution for you.
We are constantly updating our robot range and always increasing our robotic functionality offering.