Site monitoring

Within the scope of our site monitoring solutions, time-consuming and monotonous site inspections, which are carried out by highly qualified employees, can be automated.
Robotics autonomy & independence
Automatic data transfer
Modern robots with a special undercarriage make it possible to walk autonomously on construction sites, climb stairs and carry out documentation work at required positions.
Interfaces allow captured data to be automatically forwarded to the correct directory and stored in the correct format.
  • Photo documentation with cameras
  • Point cloud measurements with scanners
  • Recording of e.g. temperature values with sensors

Depending on the area of application and construction site environment, different robots can be considered for site monitoring.
Application examples for autonomous site monitoring
What distinguishes our AMR solutions:
Interfaces to documentation software
Integration of measuring devices
Autonomous route planning
Avoidance of obstacles
Cross-floor navigation
Talk to us and together we will find the optimal robot for your conditions.
We are constantly talking with other robot manufacturers and soon we will introduce new robots.