The BIMPRINTER is a mobile topographic printer that can be used in many areas for precise layout marking. It works by first spraying a color (three different colors), onto the surface and then it engraves a line with a laser which enables it to achieve 2mm accuracy.
This is what distinguishes the Bimprinter:
Color marking
Accuracy of 2mm
Scale 1:1
Laser engraving
Easy handling
The BIMPRINTER can be used for marking out floor plan layouts and a wide range of other applications and uses including:
Sanitary and heating installations
Structural engineering
Civil engineering
Manufacturing and industrial warehousing
Private housing
Core drilling, piping, and cable lines
What are the advantages
of the Bimprinter?
Fast execution of the mission
Avoidance of errors
High precision
Numbers, letters, and symbols possible
The Bimprinter can work on various surfaces such as concrete, screed, or roofing and can navigate rougher or uneven surfaces.
Purchase of the Bimprinter
Rent of the Bimprinter
Renting a total station
Service marking work
You can purchase it directly from BauMotor.
You can rent BIMPRINTER for your project and your team.
Get project support and execution from BauMotor professional team.
Additionally you can rent total station for surveying goals.
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