On-site logistics solutions
Whether an individual robot is working alone or perhaps as a group of robots, they offer enormous potential on-site.

Working in combination with digital construction site management and other system interfaces, such as suppliers or invoice systems, the effect is amplification!
The process can be taken over by autonomous mobile robots.
AMR´s are able to carry larger and heavier loads and this ensures your staff are not carrying unsafe weights and they are freed-up for other tasks.
The flow of materials can be mapped, tracked and the efficiency of the work flow evaluated.
The transportation of building materials and tools accounts for 50% of all activities on a construction site.
This process is very repetitive and it can be back- breaking work.
It can also tie up a large number of personell that could be tasked for other work.
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Robots are able to transport various tools and materials on a construction site from one workplace to another. Using radio control, we can move heavy and bulky items easily from point A to point B. This will allow construction workers to use their time more efficiently and a robot will become their indispensable assistant.
Robots quickly deliver ready-to-use floor leveling mixes to the installation site. The worker can control the robot's actions and change delivery points, but the robot itself chooses a route that is safe for people. Buckets are placed in unique grooves that keep them from toppling over.
The BauMotor project team work with your company side-by-side to ensure we help you select the right types of robots for your project and have them scheduled according to your workflow from start to successful completion. We manage a robot portfolio. Our robots can be rented for the duration of individual projects or taken over completely in return for a purchase. We are already in talks with other robot manufacturers and will soon be introducing new robots.
  • Marking robot
  • Intended for Pre-marking in road construction
  • Cut-off markings
New robot
We are searching new robots to test and verify. Please contact us
Have any questions?
Please contact us info@baumotor.com
Have any questions? Please contact us info@baumotor.com